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The doors are open on our ONE-TIME-ONLY Black Friday deal for The Webinar Swipe File…

This is my private stash of 6- and 7-figure webinars (including transcripts, recordings, outlines, slides of each one) from genius-level marketers and companies like Russell Brunson, ConvertKit, Joel Erway, and more.

Go here to get it so you can confidently create profitable webinars in half the time with NONE of the guesswork. <<<

What you need to know:

  • You’ll get LIFETIME access to the entire Webinar Swipe File for only $49 (90% off the typical value)
  • It’s disappearing forever when the timer on this page hits zero
  • Each webinar is outlined with jump links, so you can click straight to any part of the transcript or recording you want to see—it’s like studying webinars with superpowers

Regardless of what kinds of products or services you sell, webinars are still one of the most effective ways for generating customers on demand.

So unless your head is buried in the sand, that means it’s not a matter of IF you’ll need to do a webinar…

It’s a matter of WHEN.

And when that time comes, The Webinar Swipe File will be the ace up your sleeve.

You won’t have to scramble around and register for 20 random webinars so you can hopefully find a good one to reverse-engineer (that’s assuming you actually have time to sit through them and feverishly take notes).

Instead, you’ll be sitting on a goldmine of 8 proven, high-converting webinars with transcripts, recordings you can watch at 2x speed, slide decks, and an outline with jump links so you can skip around to the parts you want to check out.

You’ll be able to…

  • Cherry-pick proven strategies from 6- and 7-figure webinars for every part of your webinar
  • Write your script and slides 2x faster
  • Be confident your pitch and offer will actually convert

But time is short—you only have until Monday to grab The Webinar Swipe File before it goes away forever.

So go here to get all the details and lock in your future webinar success for a one-time payment of $49.

Happy swiping!

– Bryan

P.S. Since this offer comes with our 100% money-back guarantee, you should absolutely check it out if you’re the least bit curious. If you get inside and don’t think the resources available inside The Webinar Swipe File are worth at least 100x the cost to your business, just send one email and you’ll get a full refund.


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